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    How You React May Impact Your Sanity…and Shorten Your Career

    Weldon LeBlanc - Thursday, September 10, 2015

    How you react may impact your sanity Inevitably, in the course of leading your organization, you will face someone at the board table who will push your buttons; they may make an unreasonable demand, overstep their authority, or challenge you publicly. How you REACT to this situation either will work toward a solution, or it will provide legs to this situation which may continue to haunt you like a black cloud for days and weeks (possibly months) to come.

    3 Techniques to Keep Our Sanity

    In a brilliant article by Peter Economy (@bizzwriter) 3 Highly Effective Habits for Keeping Our Sanity in Business and in Life, he discusses three techniques to use to maintain our sanity. Firstly, we’re encouraged to assess and take ownership of the situation in terms of how we react to the situation. Secondly, we should assess our perspective, and make sure we are not the difficult person here. And finally, armed with this newfound insight, we need to choose how we go forward in dealing with the difficult situation.

    Don’t Make It Personal

    Often it can be easy to react emotionally when reacting to an emotional person. Is it really about the person, or about the situation? If you focus on the person, you’re making it personal (and emotional); when you focus on the situation, then you’re taking it to a higher professional (and objective) level.

    In reacting to this potentially heated situation, I suggest once you take an emotional course of action, you then become part of the problem; thus, complicating your life and causing grief to your sanity.

    Take a deep breath, think before you speak, and use these great techniques from @bizzwriter to maintain your sanity in the board room, and add longevity to your career.

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