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    Steps to Accelerate Your Organization

    Weldon LeBlanc - Tuesday, October 31, 2017

    To accelerate your organization to the next level requires a disciplined focus throughout the organization. Recent research by Bain & Company looks at an acceleration framework for businesses, which you can adapt to your non-profit organization to accelerate change (Bain & Company http://bit.ly/2iHSISw)

    First and foremost, a clear vision is needed with quantitative targets which needs to be communicated publicly. Clearly stating the purpose of the change and the proposed objectives sets the agenda and clarifies the direction for everyone in the entire organization.

    Secondly, solid leadership is crucial: starting with the strategic support of the Board of Directors and carrying through to the CEO to be committed to the new direction. In a change environment, many barriers facing staff will require the involvement of the CEO to overcome. This may involve the purchase of new software, updating equipment, and hiring of new staff.

    Lastly, accelerating the organization to the next level may require a cultural shift within the organization. This may require implementation of a review of the organization’s governance, establish new processes and procedures, realignment of staffing duties and responsibilities, and other structural barriers commonly faced by staff.

    Barriers to Overcome

    Bain & Company’s research outlines barriers that may need to be considered to accelerate the organization:

    • Lack of capacity (financial and human resources)
    • Competing or conflicting priorities
    • Cultural change challenges
    • Organizational structure
    • Lack of a compelling case for change

    How can you accelerate results?

    Non-profit organizations operate in a very dynamic environment with frequent turnover of Board leadership, staff turnover, shifting challenges and priorities. Efforts to accelerate growth of the organization within this environment significantly magnifies these complications. Bain & Company identifies a number of questions you can ask:

    • What stretch commitments can you make in a few key areas?
    • Where can the CEO help remove barriers to change?
    • What’s the best win-win test case to highlight the benefits of change?
    • Which simple process changes would deliver the greatest acceleration gains?

    Have a question about accelerating the impact of your organization?Contact me and we’ll schedule a chat (weldon@weldonleblanc.com).

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