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    7 Questions to Stay Mission-Focused

    Friday, October 27, 2017 |

    -Understand and Believe In Your Mission 
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    Leadership / Boardroom Management

    How You React May Impact Your Sanity…and Shorten Your Career

    Thursday, September 10, 2015 |

    How you react may impact your sanity Inevitably, in the course of leading your organization, you will face someone at the board table who will push your buttons; they may make an unreasonable demand, overstep their authority, or challenge you publicly. How you REACT to this situation either will work toward a solution, or it will provide legs to this situation which may continue to haunt you like a black cloud for days and weeks (possibly months) to come.  
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    How Many Members You Have is Irrelevant to Me

    Thursday, December 18, 2014 |

    Woman with her ears plugged with her fingers Stop telling me how many members you have; as a business I don’t care. Yes…the size of your membership is important to your organization’s financial success, to prove you have a legitimate constituency, and to provide you with bragging rights. But to me as a business owner, I don’t care. 
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    5 Steps to Earn Your Board of Director’s Love

    Thursday, November 20, 2014 |

    5 Steps to help with managing your board of directors You provide professional leadership for your organization; take the same professional approach to managing your relationship with your Board of Directors and gain their respect. 
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    4 Steps to Avoid the “CEO Walk of Shame”

    Thursday, November 06, 2014 |

    Tips for avoiding the CEO walk of shame I received a call from a not-for-profit CEO who was dismissed by their Board of Directors; not the first call, likely not the last. No reason was given for dismissal.  
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    Are you the Executive Frog?

    Friday, October 03, 2014 |

    The Executive Frog in slowly boiling water analogy Have you heard about the frog in the boiling water?

    As the tale goes…if you place a frog in a pot of cold water and heat the water to a boil, the frog will simply stay in the water and boil to death.

    However, if you drop a frog in a pot of boiling water, it immediately jumps out. 
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    Leadership - Manage the Energy...Get Results

    Tuesday, December 10, 2013 |

    Image of a man in a suit juggling priorites What’s more effective; a leader who leads by example, or someone who gets results regardless of what people think? 
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    Strategic Planning

    Every organization needs strategic focus and direction to increase their long-term effectiveness.


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    "We have changed our chamber from a traditional chamber to a cutting edge membership focused organization. Throughout this grueling multi-year process, Weldon has provide foresight, leadership, an.....read more — Wes Shields, Past President – Kelowna Chamber of Commerce