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    Top 5 Skills and Traits for a Board Chair

    Weldon LeBlanc - Friday, September 23, 2016

    Why I Failed Being a Chair of a not-for-profit organization is no easy task. An effective chair cultivates a positive culture and embraces the strategic direction of the organization; and, focuses the resources (human and financial) toward achieving the mission of the organization.

    As we all know, one person can make a difference. However, there are so many other factors needed to create an effective Board such as: a well-rounded group of board members, a respectful culture, mission focus, and resources to achieve the mission.

    Undoubtedly the Chair is pivotal to an effective Board. But, what kind of a person would make an effective Chair? I recently participated in an on-line discussion which focused on the topic of the top qualities of a Chair. The group generated nearly 50 items.

    Myself, as a newly elected chair of a local non-profit, I was fascinated by the lengthy list of lofty qualities expected of me in my role as Chair. After tallying the lengthy list of qualities, I separated them into five categories. As a not for profit leader, this is the list of skills and traits to which I aspire:

    • strong personal character,
    • specific business skills,
    • an awareness mindset,
    • an understanding of organizational management, and
    • a general organizational awareness.

    I’ve developed a more detailed template (Top 5 Skills and Traits for a Board Chair) that you can share with your current Chair (and potential Chairs). This template will open their minds as to what is expected in terms of their role as Chair; and, how they can best serve the organization.

    Click the image to download your FREE copy of the “Top 5 Skills and Traits for a Board Chair” template.


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