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    The ability to effect change with government is a fundamental role for many organizations. Establishing and maintaining a strong relationship with all levels of government can be challenging. Often this relationship is derailed as a result of a contentious issue. Establishing and maintaining an advocacy strategy keeps the organization’s efforts on track.

    Many organizations conduct their advocacy efforts off the side of their desk; running from one hot-topic issue to another without a clear long-term direction in terms of what they want to accomplish.

    An advocacy strategy can be more appropriately described as a long-term communication process. When done effectively, advocacy works in collaboration with decision-makers and stakeholders through the decision making process, prior to the final decision regarding an issue.

    Weldon can help you create and implement a fact-based advocacy strategy that will position your organization as a leader and enhance the profile of your organization. Your strategy will consist of well researched policies and positions which reflect the mission and values of your organization. Contact Weldon today to discuss your advocacy needs.

    "There have been many times during my time with the Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce when I have called upon my colleague Weldon LeBlanc for assistance. With Weldon’s extensive knowledge of Chamber operations, I have found his advice invaluable. Weldon has not hesitated to assist me with board policy writing, job descriptions, or share his experiences regarding day-to-day operations of a chamber.

    As a Past President of BCCE, I’m not alone in saying that having Weldon available ‘at a moment’s notice’ to mentor and support chamber executives to work toward chamber excellence is a bonus! I believe Weldon is the epitome of what a true chamber executive should bring to its board and most importantly to its community."

    — Dianne Hawkins, President and CEO – Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce

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    "Weldon has worked to not only be a community partner, but instigate many joint community partnerships and initiatives. These partnerships have ranged from social issues to economic development to.....read more — John Perrott, former Executive Director – Downtown Kelowna Association (BIA)