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    Corporate Training

    Weldon provides customized sessions in areas such as networking, community giving, personal branding, and other topics. His diverse background provides acute insights to enhance personal growth. Below are suggested topics:

     “Create a Bulletproof Personal Brand”

    Having a strong personal brand adds increased credibility to you and your business. Most people neglect to strengthen their personal brands as a part of their business strategy. It builds trust with your clientele. It gives you the extra competitive edge; sets you apart from your competition. When all is send and done, your business is built on reputation…yours and your company. This presentation will help you to create a bulletproof personal brand by focusing on building strategic partnerships, increasing your opportunities, being relevant, and being recognized as a leader.

     “Be A Community Builder”

    Finding a perfect balance of corporate community giving is difficult. Every business faces a steady stream of requests for donations, sponsorships, and volunteer work. As governments cut funding to community groups to balance budgets, more pressure is put on the business community to step-up. In tough economic times the requests increase, and your resources decrease. A caring engaged business community is an important part of a healthy community.  A business engaged in community development can increase employee engagement and sales.

    Every business has the capacity and moral obligation to make their community stronger.
    During this presentation you will learn how to strategically make your business an integral part of your community’s social fabric. You will learn how to better balance the resources of your business and the needs of your community so that you and your community prosper.

    “Community Leaders…Where Are You?”

    Community leaders needed. Successful communities don’t just happen; they are pushed, pulled, and torn until they evolve into a complicated social fabric. The common factor among these communities is strong leadership. Community leaders are not born, they emerge from the experiences of their lives to take a key role in developing the social fabric of their community.

    During this presentation you will learn through real-life experiences the key attributes of leadership, and how individuals in leadership roles drive a community to overcome adversity and take advantage of opportunities. You will walk away with a better understanding of your role in making your community a healthier more prosperous place to work, live, and play.

    Build a Rock-Solid Network”

    Frustrated with your networking efforts? Tired of chatting with people but not generating any new business? The effective networker is strategic in their efforts to make contact with key people in a position to help generate new business. The key to effective networking is to establish and maintain a network of mutually beneficial contacts. Learn to leverage your contacts (and the contacts of those in your network) to your advantage.

    Weldon has spent a lifetime building strong relationships through strategic networking. The common sense steps he shares in this presentation will provide you with a firm grasp of key networking strategies that will zero in on people you need to help you grow your business.

    “An effective Chamber of Commerce requires a strong leader, efficient communicator and a team player who can voice the concerns of business owners in the region to all levels of government and the community.

    I have had the opportunity to work with Weldon over the past eight years and can say that he has exemplified all of these qualities.

    Weldon has made an invaluable contribution to our community by helping to bring together key decision makers and fostering strong and sustainable economic development in the Okanagan.” — Ron Cannan, MP Kelowna-Lake Country

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    Every organization needs strategic focus and direction to increase their long-term effectiveness.


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    "I have had the privilege of working with Mr. LeBlanc on a range of projects that clearly demonstrates Weldon’s ability to work strategically with partner organizations, show leadership, and.....read more — Robert Fine, Executive Director – Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission