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    Top athletes need personal coaching, so do successful Executives.

    Weldon’s diverse background provides him with a keen understanding of the organizational governance structure to assist senior staff and the Board to become a highly effective team. With more than 20 years in organizational management, Weldon has proven results in growing the profile and fiscal sustainability of organizations. With an easy going coaching and mentoring approach, his acute analytical skills are well suited to help you and your organization find a path to long-term effectiveness.

    The Harvard Business Journal reported on a 2013 survey conducted by Stanford University/The Miles Group on 200 CEOs1, board directors, and other senior executives questions which asked how they receive and view leadership advice. While the majority of the CEOs indicated they don’t obtain coaching, nearly all would welcome coaching advice to deal with the challenges of leadership.

    In the survey, CEOs’ indicated that improving skills dealing with conflict management was a primary area where they wanted coaching. However, according to Board members responses, they wanted their CEOs to focus on mentoring and motivational skills to focus on building teams to enhance the organization. Regardless of the reason ‘why’, both CEOs and Boards agree that coaching would be of benefit to the CEO and the organization.

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    An article posted by Forbes2 outlines five reasons the criteria you should consider in choosing a coach:

    • Clarity about the process: they need to the process to identify your core challenges, how you will benefit, and the support they’ll provide you throughout this process.
    • More than your point of view: They should obtain feedback from those who work with to get a sense of how others see you and interact with you.
    • Real skills: they can provide useful new skills, awareness, and knowledge to improve your leadership, management, and or business operating capabilities.
    • Confidentiality: make very clear agreements about confidentiality upfront with their and they keep those agreements.
    • Actual success: a good coach can help you see yourself more accurately about how to best play to your strengths; and grow in areas of weakness.

    1.) “What CEOs Really Want from Coaching” by Gretchen Gavett, August 2013:

    2.) “5 Things To Look For When Choosing An Executive Coach” by Erika Andersen, August 2013: http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikaandersen/2013/08/15/5-things-to-look-for-when-choosing-an-executive-coach/

    "Weldon has worked to not only be a community partner, but instigate many joint community partnerships and initiatives. These partnerships have ranged from social issues to economic development to joint advocacy positions on important community issues. Along the way, Mr. LeBlanc has been eager to look for strategic partnerships with groups like the Downtown Kelowna Association (BIA) to strengthen efforts and improve effectiveness. When I speak to my counterparts around the province I’ve come to realize that the level of strategic partnership and relationship with our chamber is the exception, not the rule."

    — John Perrott, former Executive Director – Downtown Kelowna Association (BIA)

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