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    Revenue Generation

    “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work” – Thomas Edison

    Revenue is the life blood of any organization; it is the fuel to achieve your organization’s objectives and provide programing for your membership. Weldon has a strong background in strategic management with dramatic success in formulating revenue generating strategies to boost the organization’s longterm fiscal sustainability.

    The key to this approach:

    • identifying opportunities
    • creating strategies
    • effectively implementing programs to achieve results

    There is continuous pressure to generate new revenue to satisfy the demands of your members and stakeholders. New revenue provides the fuel for new benefits, services, and programs.

    Weldon will help you identify the true value of your organization, and turn that value into new revenue. He will help you open your mind to new possibilities and unlock hidden opportunities within your organization. Don’t be fooled, this is hard work. There are no shortcuts. For some, this may be new territory; or, you may already have a revenue generation program in place. Regardless, Weldon can lead you through a process to assess the effectiveness of your current revenue program, and identify new ways to find new revenue.

    Contact Weldon to discuss a partnership with him to ensure your organization’s longterm financial stability.

    "Weldon has worked to not only be a community partner, but instigate many joint community partnerships and initiatives. These partnerships have ranged from social issues to economic development to joint advocacy positions on important community issues. Along the way, Mr. LeBlanc has been eager to look for strategic partnerships with groups like the Downtown Kelowna Association (BIA) to strengthen efforts and improve effectiveness. When I speak to my counterparts around the province I’ve come to realize that the level of strategic partnership and relationship with our chamber is the exception, not the rule."

    — John Perrott, former Executive Director – Downtown Kelowna Association (BIA)

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