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    The Myth of the “Omnipotent CEO”

    The “Omnipotent CEO” is a term coined by leadership experts referring to the perceived high level of powers that the Chief Executive has in an organization. Many people believe a CEO has unlimited power and can run the organization as a dictator; the opposite occurs in a successful organization. 
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    Weldon LeBlanc

    Weldon is a national award winning Executive with more than 20 years of strategic management, board governance, and strategic planning. He has successfully developed strategies to increase the long-term effectiveness and financial sustainability of not-for-profit organizations.

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    Strategic Planning

    Every organization needs strategic focus and direction to increase their long-term effectiveness.


    Are you a business owner or corporate executive who needs help motivating your staff?


    Additional services I provide to businesses looking to build a stronger more effective organization.

    Weldon LeBlanc:

    Phone: 250-859-5993
    Email: weldon@weldonleblanc.com